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Agency: Huge

Production: Hackenson Productions
Director + Stills: Moi!
DP: Sam Fuller
DIT: Mitch Stroup
Gaffer: Jacob Khan
Grip: David Friske
Swing: Chuck Daye

Prop + Set Stylist: Tom Criswell

Prop Assistants: Gabriel Gaviria, Lheyar
     Benavides, Adelmar Scobino


What a fun project this was, directing spots for Coppertone! We shot on location in Miami and created 8 spots total for multiple platforms and aspect ratios.

Wardrobe Stylist: Ana Brilembourg
Wardrobe Assistants: Danielle Pinder,
     Emilia Torres
HMU: Adi Sage
HMU Assistants: Olivia Lopez, Fernella
TikTok Shooter: Desiree Prieto
TikTok Assistant: Jenifer Brinkman

Producer: Jake Hakanson
Agent: Holl & Artists

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