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Creative Direction: Pierrick Bouqet + Travis Schneider
Production: Pixel Factory
Producer: Sam Wells

Photography: Me :)
DP + Editor: Sam Fuller
1st Assistant / Gaffer: Jacob Khan
2nd Assistant: Brin Morris
3rd Assistant: Juan Roman
DIT: Mitch Stroup

Beverage Stylist: Laura Kinsey Dolph
Beverage Assistants: Danielle Marin + Jillian Cantwell


My favorite kind of project is when I get to combine the worlds of in studio and on location and mix stills and motion. Added bonus was a truly dream team and client! 

Prop Stylist: Aneta Florczyk
Prop Assistants: Tom Begandy + John Rupe

Wardrobe Stylist: Tara Nichols
Beverage Stylist: Caroline K. Hwang
Beverage Assistant: Emily Marchand
Manicurist: Lori Banks
Talent: Iris Hill, Idriss Tirado, Cristiano Queiroz

Retouching: Jinx Studios
Agent: Holl & Artists

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